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Today's the Day

Today is the day I start blogging.  For years people have been telling me I should blog about all the things I make or events and projects that I'm doing.  To be honest it's always been a scary thought.  I'm not a writer or English major so never expect good grammar or lengthy essays here.  I hope you come to see what things I've come up with for inspiration or even for help.  I consider myself an artist with all sorts of mediums as my canvas.  I enjoy the challenge of creating something I've seen for much less than it's selling for.  It's extremely hard for me to purchase something if I know I can make if for less.  I recently got married and made about 90% of the decorations for that exact reason.  One of my favorite cheats from the wedding was a coffee table.  We had looked for months at rental furniture to create a cute sitting area at the reception.  Each one was more than the other and it blew my mind.  We live in the Bay Area so everything is always a little more pricey than say in Montana where I grew up.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to re-upholster an antique sofa on a budget but when I saw these places charging $150+ to RENT a coffee table plus shipping (oh and there is an $8,000 minimum order!) I told my then fiance, "I bet I can find one and paint it for $25".  Challenge accepted!  Sure enough I went to good old craigslist and got an end table and a coffee table for $25.  I went and bought some spray paint and got to work.  The table was in pretty good shape so I didn't even sand it down and just taped off the top part which is this cheery yellow leather with gold along the edges.  I love how it turned out.  By using some benches that the venue already had around, some pillows from Home Goods and my craigslist coffee table I was able to achieve my seating area and not blow our budget.  

I hope you enjoyed the first of hopefully many posts.  I'll be putting more of my wedding decor up so check back to see more!  



Amber Buscher